Seven Last Words of the Unarmed

 Seven_Last_Words_of_the_Unarmed.jpg"Seven Last Words of the Unarmed" is a song honoring the lives and loss of seven men who were killed by authority figures. 

Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin. Oscar Grant. Eric Garner. Kenneth Chamberlain. Amadou Diallo. John Crawford. These men are the subjects of a powerful multi-movement work by Atlanta-based composer Joel Thompson titled “Seven Last Words of the Unarmed.” 

The song’s seven movements represent the last words of seven different men. "Mom, I'm going to college." "What are you following me for?" "Stop shooting! ... Stop! Stop!" These reported final statements of seven African-American men killed by law enforcement officers (or in the case of Trayvon Martin, a neighborhood watch volunteer) are sung by young men at the University of Michigan. The song premiered by the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club under the direction of Eugene Rogers, associate director of choirs and professor of conducting at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

A documentary from the University of Michigan called "Love, Life & Loss" is about the journey of "Seven Last Words of the Unarmed" and the impact it had on members of the glee club. 

Action: Listen to the song, listen to the song and view accompanying artwork by Shirin Bargh, or write and sing your own song. 

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