Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project


Through art, education, and development projects,  the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) connects Iraqis and Americans.


The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project creates bridges of communication, understanding and support between Americans and Iraqis. We work toward our mission of reconciliation from war and occupation through the arts, education, cultural and professional exchange, support for peacemakers in Iraq, and water and sanitation projects.

Through the Iraqi Art Project, one of IARP's programs, the organization brings Iraqi and American artists together in dialogue. They create a platform for the support of Iraqi art in an effort to support the rebuilding of culture and the recording of stories. IARP has presented Iraqi and American visual art, film, book art, theater, lectures, and panel discussions at more than 50 galleries and public spaces, displaying more than 450 pieces of art from the Najaf and Karbala areas of Iraq. 

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