Craft Emergency Relief Fund


Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+) works to safeguard and sustain the careers of artists working in craft disciplines and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists.



Building upon the grassroots gesture of passing the hat at craft shows for artists dealing with emergency situations, the national artists' service organization created an ongoing pool of funds that are available to professional artists working in craft disciplines when they suffer career-threatening emergencies.

After more than 20 years providing emergency relief, CERF added services to help artists become more proactive in their approach to emergencies.  Now named CERF+, they are recognized as a one of the leading "art responders" in the United States.  

Please note that "art responders" in this case refers to organizations that respond to the needs of the arts community post-disaster. A majority of other organizations on the Emergency Arts website refer to organizations that support artists in responding to the needs of the community throughout various phases of an emergency.  

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